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About Us

Dwin Dykema is the founder

Dwin Dykema is a woman who thinks big and dreams big.
Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised on a Farm in the Grand Traverse region of Michigan she was taught a can do attitude. Dwin has singularly nurtured an ingrained passion for entrepreneurship and fine living. She began sewing before she started school. She began making her own clothes in the third grade and by the time she was 12 years old she was hired to make bridesmaids gowns for a family friend. From that job she received referrals for other jobs and it has been an on going life process. Upon graduation Dwin attended Northwestern Michigan University and majored in psychology. Anyone who has ever worked in the bridal industry will understand the value of that. At that time she went to work for a small, locally owned bridal shop in Traverse City, Michigan and found her love for a life time. When she relocated to Grand Rapids she worked at several small family owned bridal shops and with a major local dry cleaner. There she was trained to clean and restore and reconstruct new, used and vintage gowns, building her skills and knowledge of formal wear and it's fabrication. With the encouragement of friends and family she opened her first small bridal business in Rockford Michigan and
embarked on a journey of making dreams come true…..often.

Over the years a consistent questions became apparent of a deeper need:

1. Do you buy gowns?

Yes: from the designers only though. We can not sell used gowns in our store as it will change our status.

2. Do you know where I can sell my gown (new, used or otherwise)?

Yes, over the years we have directed the clients to multiple venues to resell their gowns. However, it became our observation that the majority of sites were focused on reselling the bridal gown and not the prom or homecoming gown.

2. Do you take gowns on consignment?

No: we do not take gowns on consignment and we do not recommend selling your gown via consignment. Why you may ask? Because the reality is that people do not care for things that do not belong to them. We know that our girls love and cherish their beautiful gowns and we want to protect them and their gowns from the shop wear that would occur. On line sales opens the client potential exponentially.

3. Why does the consignment shop want half of the money from the sale of my gown?

A consignment shop will have high, brick and mortar, retail overhead. Due to this simple fact: they will need to take a large portion of the money procured in the sale to cover their costs of selling that gown. That is usually somewhere around half of the sale price of the merchandise. Further a brick and mortar store requires people to actually walk into the store and try the merchandise on. This requires advertising and advertising can be very expensive and yet only reach a very small audience.

Seeing the potential for putting international retail prom
and formal wear just a click away before it became de rigueur
Dwin founded PromGround.com in conjunction with
the brick-and-mortar Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom, bringing chic and affordable designer
social occasion, prom, homecoming and all sorts of formal fashion to the masses and allow the masses to sell their gently worn and well loved merchandise.

Building relationships with top salons and formal wear distributors from the ground up,
Dwin is establishing the online empire that is
PromGround through sheer hard work and determination,
and proverbial blood, sweat, and tears.

Taking her hands-on approach to where she lives, Dwin enlisted her
design-trained daughter Desir’ee to partner with her in continuing to grow her retail revolution. Committed to both her world-wide customer base and
her own community, Dwin is working tirelessly to transform the two story structures where Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom are located into a bridal and prom/pageant showplace, which currently houses 10,000 square feet of bridal and prom fabulousness as well as
serves as the home base for the thriving internet venture.

Through the years, Dwin has honed her eye for couture fashion, timeless
style and exceptional value, giving brides, prom girls, pageant girls
and more across the world access to incredible designer gowns at an
unrivaled level of customer service. A testament to her ongoing commitment to providing incredible fashion with incredible service, Dwin works each and every day with her dedicated staff to ensure that each and every customer gets exactly the quality and value they deserve — and to continue to, brick by brick, build her dream.

Working to one day revolutionize this industry.